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Book Review – Bachelor’s Marriage by Akshat Pradeep Solanki

I encountered Akshat (the author) long back in Twitter, and he sent me 3 sample chapters of his book. Personally, I didn’t like it then and gave him suggestions for improvement, especially in the language and grammar part; the story, though, seemed intriguing. Recently, his book was released, and I bought it without thinking. After perusing a few pages I realized, tout de suite, that this author is different from any other casual debut Indian author. His penchant for hard work can be discerned from the vein in which he enhanced his language and punctuation since I last perused it.

However, I still don’t like the vein in which the story commences – extremely difficult to digest and unnatural. How could you suddenly exchange “I Love You” vows with a girl when you are fantasizing another? Nevertheless, the plot flows smoothly after that. What will transpire in Sujay’s life, whom will he choose (among his girlfriend and half-fiancee), does keep the reader hooked till the end.

En route, however, there are tons of unnecessary conversations which vexed me continually. Several pages of the book could have been reduced had those conversations (or parts of conversations), having no connection to the primary plot, been eliminated.

The language, though, is satisfactory throughout. The author has tried to employ decent vocabulary. Mostly, it works, but sometimes, it doesn’t; the word selection seems forced. Withal, there are a few spelling mistakes. One additional round of editing would have indubitably ironed them out.

The best part is the unpredictable, heart-wrenching ending. Here the talent of the author shines brilliantly. The vein in which he has narrated this part is exceptionally praiseworthy. The ending proves his worth as a budding, talented writer with great potential.

Nevertheless, a very honest attempt by a debut author. There is scope for improvement in a few places, but he is certainly a good storyteller, and I see a bright future for him in the literary world if he improves a trifle (and lessens the use of Hindi words).


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