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Book Review – Fantastic 40 by Reetwika Banerjee

The author sent me an e-book version for an honest review.

I was literally blown away by the first story – brilliant description, wonderful language, marvelous scene setting. The writing style felt like a mirror of my own style which proliferated my interest.

The novel encompasses 40 micro stories, not spanning more than 3 pages each. Occasionally I felt that some stories seemed hurried and could have been given a few more pages to do better justice to them. If there were 30-34 odd stories, some stories could have been developed and culminated in a better vein. Nevertheless, the variety of stories presented in the novel is praiseworthy.

Withal, the language is good throughout, laced with nice vocabulary. Spasmodically, I felt the word “I” was excluded from some sentences. Example: “Went to the market” is written instead of “I went to the market”. I really don’t know whether it is correct, but it felt a trifle awkward. Additionally, there are a few editing mistakes; an extra round of editing would have rectified them.

I really enjoyed most of the stories (maybe three-four of them seemed unnecessary), especially the “Non-Virgin Mama” one which was hilarious. Several stories have profound emotional depth too, which was really worth appreciating. In many stories, research is done dexterously by the author which is again commendable.

All in all, a different, innovative attempt by the author. The research done, the good language employed, and the variety makes it a good one-time read. 4 stars.


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