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Book Review – Gulabi by Pankaj Suneja

The author, Pankaj Suneja , sent me this e-book, Gulabi, in exchange of an honest review. Well, it was an extremely peculiar, dark book, I must admit. Very short too, merely 76 pages. Initially, I thought the language is average, but in certain places, the language and vocabulary shine too. Overall, I think the profoundness of the story overshadows the language, and the reader is immersed in the plot. The story of the schizophrenic patient, Monty is described adroitly. His characterization is good, too. However, what is actually happening with him and Gulabi is a trifle confusing. The other character, Victoria is also penned dextrously, even in a short novella, but the number of relationships and men in her life is somewhat difficult to digest. However, I felt that in the beginning, things happen too quickly which makes the narrative slightly irritating, but in the latter half the author settles down and the story continues in a proper pace. The ending is also good. However, the author should work on his language and improve his vocabulary to add more flavor. He writes well, his thinking is mature, and he has potential to pen profound, thought-provoking novels. All the very best. 3.5 stars for this effort (0.5 for the last page – About the Author section which throws light on the real life experience of .. I’d not like to disclose it here). All the very best for your subsequent book which is hopefully longer and better


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