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Book Review – The Dark Romance by Ankit Gusain

The Dark Romance.. well, the author pinged me in Facebook and suggested the book himself.. Even before that, the title had really intrigued me and I had liked one post pertaining to the selfsame novel by LeadStart Publishers. I purchased it and the prologue was quite fascinating, garnering my interest tout de suite. I completed reading it today. The author, despite being a first-timer, has done a satisfactory job. The writing is lucid and the narration is interspersed with good words. Nevertheless, the narration is a trifle immature in places and the language could have been better overall (acceptable for a debut author). At places, you feel that conversations are too prolonged and could have been replaced by to-the-point narrative lines. However, the story is quite unique. Some snippets of philosophy interspersed in between are innovative (some are cliched). The storytelling and plot progression is good. However, I had expected the story to be scary and had braced myself for spine-chilling moments (which were very rare – a concoction of disappointment and relief too – I am a bit of a scary-cat!). Having said that, readers are bound to be glued till the end to know the outcome and I savored the unexpected ending. All in all, a good, imaginative, and innovative attempt by Ankit. I would love to read his next book. 3.75 rating from my side. Cheers!


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