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Book Review – Twists of Fate by Priyanka Naik

I encountered Priyanka Naik in Twitter whilst promoting my own unpublished upcoming novel; she recommended her book to me herself. I generally think twice prior to selecting an Indian debut author’s novel nowadays; a majority of them turn out to be disgusting, interspersed with vexing shayaris, atrocious grammar, and pathetic language. However, I must say, I made a great choice ordering this masterpiece by Priyanka.

Tout de suite, I was bowled over by the mastery over the language and the brilliant vein in which Mumbai was described in the prologue. The trio of characters have been wonderfully portrayed; they are complicated and layered, yet very easy to relate to. I couldn’t help recalling the characterization which I have used in my debut novel and reflect how I could have genuinely enhanced it whilst perusing Twists of Fate.

I couldn’t locate any grammar mistakes in the book. The language, as mentioned heretofore, is exceptional, neither too colloquial, nor too clunky. The story is extremely captivating, oodles of twists and turns, non-linear mostly, and quite emotional in places. The reader gets immersed in the story instantly, experiencing a multitude of emotions en route. Priyanka has maintained a perfect balance between dialogues and narration. Usage of Hindi words is minimal – how it should be, so that when they appear they feel extremely apt for the situation. Instead of cheesy shayaris, beautiful snippets of poems are employed, adding grace and class to the novel. Withal, The plot is very realistic and unlike any stilted Bollywood script.

Finally, I would like to say that skillful and talented authors like Priyanka Naik – who have worked assiduously on their script – need to be encouraged and supported instead of mass audience targeting authors – who don’t work hard on their script and employ poor language, disgusting grammar, and juvenile narration skills. I would rate this splendid effort 4.8/5. The 2 points I have reduced is because, as an upcoming author myself, I have the right to be hyper-critical ;). Priyanka could have described the environment also in a few more places (like the weather, condition of the room, place etc.), instead of directly commencing with the story, especially in the beginning of a few chapters. She has described environments so magically in a few places; she could have used it more; I relish such parts, lends a magical, literary feel to the situation. Nonetheless, an impeccable literary masterpiece by the author – substantially better than efforts by even popular bestselling authors of our time. Will pre-order her next book, indubitably. Cheers!


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