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Book Review – Vajra by Naveen Durgaraju

I have had wonderful interactions with the author, Naveen Durgaraju, several times in Goodreads groups. Whilst promoting my own book, I discovered that even he is an author of a book named Vajra, a sci-fi, semi-spiritual novel. I started reading it long ago, but due to my marriage and lack of opportunity to read e-books, I took nearly six months to complete it. I apologize profusely to Naveen for taking so much time.

Anyway, back to the book. What a brilliant, innovative attempt at a contemporary novel! The language is very good throughout, neither juvenile nor flowery – very close to perfect, worth emulating. Descriptions of environment, surroundings, places, and things are very good. The characterization, despite being a sci-fi book, is marvelous, detailed, and layered. Absolutely satisfying. The plot is the best part. It is excellent, exciting, thrilling, and extremely intriguing – binding the interest of the reader till the very end.

It is quite complicated too, moving back and forth in time, but never too intricate that you can’t comprehend it. However, somehow, the ending felt disappointing and abrupt – somehow like the Matrix movie but can be considered passable as it is sci-fi and meant to be befuddling.

In addition, I truly enjoyed the innovative style of placing supremely relevant quotes from movies, books, songs etc. after several scenes. They really serve as a marvelous dessert after a sumptuous meal. There are truly brilliant, exceptional scenes in the book which readers will definitely relish. The only technical issue I noticed was the punctuation. Throughout the book, commas are conspicuous by their absence in multiple places. The ending leaves a bit to be desired otherwise I would give an additional 0.5 rating. A very brave, innovative attempt by the author. It totally deserves 4.2 stars. Really looking forward to his second book. Kudos!


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