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Book Review – Diary of a Stranger by Remesh R

I met Remesh in Goodreads long ago, and he told me that his book is on the verge of release, and that he’s looking for a suitable publisher. Eventually, he decided to go for self-publishing. He pinged me yesterday, giving me a link to download his e-book for free. I obliged immediately. After it got downloaded in the Amazon Kindle App, I thought i’ll skim through a few pages just to get a feel of the book. I was in for a pleasant surprise. The brilliant, sarcastic, hilarious start blew away my mind, gathering my attention immediately. I saw that the book was not that long, too. Thus, I decided to take a break from penning my second novel (which I’m halfway through) to finish reading his book.

The first half of the book is sarcastically hilarious, giving Sidin Vadukut (whose second book in the Dork Trilogy is my favorite book in the comedy genre) a run for his money. I was chuckling and even laughing out loud sometimes. However, the second half, once Anwesha arrives, becomes a bit serious. The guy starts falling for her, and his philosophical musings take a more serious turn compared to the sarcastically hysterical side in the first half. The ending is good, too. Predictable, but satisfying.

From the first few pages itself I understood that Remesh is a class above normal debut Indian authors. His writing style has an elegant touch to it; its neither too colloquial nor too flowery (unlike my first book which borders slightly towards flowery) – very close to perfect language and writing style. Above all, the high dosage of philosophy makes it an intriguing read. However, sometimes, Remesh does go a tad overboard with philosophy.

The manner in which he has described his feelings for Anwesha and the interactions is marvelous – very true, emotional, yet stylish. Their love is true and no unnecessary sensuality is involved – worth appreciating, again. Yes, he uses the f-word more often than I would like, but it fits the character of the protagonist well enough. Unlike other debut authors, Remesh doesn’t use Hinglish and stupid Shayaris, which is commendable. The poems, songs, and wonderful quotes from philosophers enhance the appeal of the book.

The characterization of the lead character is done expertly too with a good back story. Anwesha’s character could have been developed slightly better, although its not bad by any stretch of imagination.

Nevertheless, an excellent first effort. Remesh has a very good command over the language and exploits it well. He should come up with a longer, full-fledged novel next time with lesser profanities and little more descriptions of ambiance (and maybe obliterate a few editing errors which appear once in a blue moon). I give this brilliant, different, philosophical love story 4.5 stars. All the very best for your next one. Will be waiting eagerly! 🙂


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