Book Review – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

I had been planning to read this book since a long time owing to its popularity. Finally, a few months back, I got an opportunity to read it. The writing style is simple yet lucid. The descriptions of ambiance and other things is good. The only aspect of the language I found slightly awkward was the use of some heavy words in conversations which seemed unnatural. The story was simple and never too intriguing. However, it wasn’t boring by any means. The snippets of philosophy embedded in between were good, and they’ve been inserted in such a way that it doesn’t give the impression of being forced upon you; it seemed as if it’s part of the story. The ending was unexpected and satisfying. A simple, sweet book which I wouldn’t mind reading again, especially for the inspiring bits of philosophy. 3.4 stars for The Alchemist from my side.


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