Book Review – Who Let The Dork Out by Sidin Vadukut

I’ve now completed the Dork Series by Sidin Vadukut, one which has provided me with a lot of entertainment and uplifted my mood several times. Personally, the second part was the best – absolutely hilarious. The first part was also good, but somehow the frequency of the LOL moments seemed much less in comparison. Now, coming to the third part, I think the comedy quotient is someway in between the first and third part. However, the ending is below standard. It ruined the experience. 60% of the book is a laugh riot, and I daresay, even better than the second part. However, I was just shuffling through the pages towards the end, which was disappointing.

The language is also good enough, but who cares about language in a Sidin Vadukut novel. The comedy more than makes up for it.

3.5 stars for this.
The first scene in the Minister’s office, the luggage fiasco on meeting Colonel Kalbag, are mind blowing. I couldn’t stop laughing for around 5 minutes. Tears had welled up in my eyes and my stomach hurt. Sidin rocks!!! Wish this series would go on forever, but like Harry Potter, all good things must come to an end. 😦


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