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Book Review – Trail of Broken Wings by Sejal Badani

Wow, what a brilliant novel. No wonder it is a finalist in the Goodreads Choice Award 2015. A few pages into the book, and I knew the writing style was classy. Very, very classy. Midway through the book I was certainly irritated by most of the characters (quite unlikable) and the inexplicable decisions they take, but the secrets which they hide forced me to continue. The narration is extremely fluid, despite the novel being a tad long. The language is exceptional, extremely fluid and lucid, yet supremely classy. The characterization is impeccable in every way. Every emotion, every doubt, every apprehension, every confusion faced by each character in the past or present is described in vivid detail. This is the work of a genius. I felt irritated where I should, laughed where I should, and felt emotional too, especially towards the end. The satisfactory ending resolved most of the doubts that a reader will certainly have until the end. Some parts of the novel are disturbing but thought-provoking, nevertheless. Another thing worth admiring is how, without the usage of cuss words and explicit sexual references, the author has described the feelings of abused people dexterously. Hats off! The descriptions of ambiance, places are also great and never too excessive.

I have become a fan of Sejal Badani (Sejal Badani), and I have voted for this book too. I would recommend you read this modern classic and vote for her. This book deserves awards and popularity. I assure you that your reading experience will be truly fantastic and fulfilling. I, as a writer, have learnt a lot from the novel in terms of plotting and writing style, too.

An almost perfect novel. 4.8 stars for this (0.2 stars are cut for making most characters a bit too unlikable till the end – you could have done a slightly better job there).


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