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Book Review – Some Mistakes Have No Pardon by Giridhar Joshi

I want to apologize to the author, Mr. Giridhar Joshi for two things. First, for taking a long, long time to finish his book. Since I was working on my next book and was only concentrating on reading books related to the theme, I forgot about his book. Sorry, again. Second, for the relatively lesser rating.

I really, really, wanted to give this book 4 stars. Till the middle I was quite sure I would give at least 4 stars, but by the end of the book I didn’t feel like giving anything more than 3 stars.

Despite being a long novel, the writing was energetic and the pace was fast. The plot basically shows the life story of Girish Kainmola, son of a villager. The initial part of the story is a bit boring as it is based on villages, but once he moves to cities, it becomes interesting. Then, the story flowed like a contemporary novel and was based on work pressure, relationships, and thoughts on life which any reader can relate to. Despite the arguments he was having with his first wife, which is natural, I loved the quotes and philosophy. However, as the book carried on, I felt the frequency of the quotes increasing. At one point, the author started quoting twice or thrice in a single page which was irritating. The chats which he has with Maya are also a bit childish initially, using SMS lingo, somewhat diverting from the general theme of the book. A lot of time is wasted in the relationship with Maya and then she suddenly disappears. Even in a few of the several (very irritating) repetitions of the life history of the protagonist (Come on, we already know it as we’ve read the book!), Maya is conspicuous by her absence. I couldn’t understand why? Why he doesn’t even think of calling her and sharing his issues with his supposed soulmate?

Also, there are a few parts of the book in which the protagonist and any important character are not involved, especially in the government office, which should be avoided. I also made a similar mistake in my first book.

The characters of the ladies in this book are irritating, especially the first wife. And why does the protagonist have to repent only later? Can’t he realize his mistakes during the relationship and fix it? Okay, in the first relationship, he might have been inexperienced, but in the second one he should have been more patient and tried to maintain the relationship? The girl was not that bad. I was fuming by the time that relationship ended. Also, he doesn’t even mention about his children till the latter half of the book and then he suddenly starts repenting. Didn’t make sense, sir, at least to me.

The language is decent throughout the book. On several occasions there are beautifully constructed sentences which even avid readers will enjoy. But sometimes the author tends to use difficult words which seem out of context and breaks the flow (I did the same mistake in my debut book, but I thought I should point this out to the author so that he can improve in his next book. Even I have rectified this mistake in my second book). On top of that, there are these glaring spelling, typo, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. I mean grammar and punctuation is still okay, but spelling and typo should be corrected by the author using simple tools like MS Word! The language in the whole book has a rough, unedited feel to it which I sincerely didn’t appreciate. Even if its a self published book, author should try his best to remove these glaring errors. One more thing I felt is that several sentences, especially dialogues, seem like they have been directly translated from Hindi to English, which sounds unnatural.

I loved the spiritual and philosophical sections, especially the descriptions about love, sensuality, and life that Girish has with Maya and other people like his first house owner, and his spiritual boss Seth who guide him. But again some conversations seems a bit unnatural as everyone starts speaking in a philosophical manner, even the prostitute, which is difficult to relate to.

I loved the descriptions of ambiance, environment, weather, and the surroundings which the author pens. From a rustic village to the posh German town, the author describes every place beautifully. I really appreciate authors who give priority to the ambiance. Sometimes, especially during the second marriage, he has overdone the description a tad, but that can be forgiven.

Overall, its a decent one time read. Despite the length and the other issues which I have mentioned, it does provide you with a good dose of spirituality and philosophy that people need in this cruel, fast life. A decent read. 3 stars.


2 thoughts on “Book Review – Some Mistakes Have No Pardon by Giridhar Joshi”

  1. Hi Pankaj. Thanks for the lengthy read and review. This is fantastic and unbiased. I agreed on all points except one. The language and the phrases I have used are just common and appear to me naturally. I hadn’t referred to dictionary or thesaurus during writing of this book, even once. Second, regarding the practice of giving summary of past events (what you call repetition) at two or three places in the novel. This I have borrowed from one of my favourite authors. I thought that, given the length and width of the story, it will be helpful to the reader to recall the events. But frankly, I too found the repetition boring on my second read.

    May be I can bring out a second edition.

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