#Interview with reputed blog Read Watch and Think

Read Watch and Think

Author-interview--PanKaj-GiriI had attacked his first book , FLAKE, like a bull dog on this very blog and shredding it into pieces and just when i thought i am a dead meat and he would serve me as dinner to devil for what i did to his book, i got the sweetest and an admirable reply from him not only appreciating but thanking for my honesty. Needless to say i was shocked and in a comatose stage wondering how can he be so nice and sportive about it. That was just the beginning as eventually he had shared a whole lot of experiences about authors and the turmoils they suffer under publishing and marketing demands of the books. In fact it was he who opened my eyes to the fact that it is always not the authors to be blamed as sometimes publishers and editing boards also do their share to…

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