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Book Review – Promise Me a Million Times by Keshav Aneel

The novel is over. The book has been read. But I still cannot stop myself thinking of the bond Charlie and Aster shared. What wonder of a story that was! Take a bow Keshav Aneel! Brilliant is the only word that comes to my mind. The situations are unbelievably realistic. The dialogues are awesome. The plot is strong and completely beyond thinkable.
Coming to the story, the two orphans Charlie and Edwin head to a town named Etiole leaving their jobs. Edwin wants to pursue a career in the film industry whereas Charlie is merely accompanying his friend with no personal goal in mind. In Etiole, he comes across a girl named Aster, and then what begins is touching revelations from their respective pasts and a heart-warming true love that keeps you glued to the book. At many instances you just think you know what will happen next and the author pulls off something totally different.
I had tears in my eyes at many instances. THE LETTERS IN PARTICULAR- THEY WERE JUST TOO BEAUTIFUL! Full of love, pain and sometimes those complexes reminding me a bit of Nicholas Sparks. Keshav Aneel’s writing has a poetic flavour to it. Charlie’s friendship with Edwin is infused with a sense of brotherly warmth and some of the situations built, will form a lump in your throat. The ending is so heart breaking that you’ll not be able to hold back your tears. That’s a guarantee. All in all, this is a MUST READ and marks an entry of one of the most talented authors I have read in recent times. I give 4.75 glorious stars to this wonderful book.


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