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Book Review – Runaway Writers by Indu Balachandran

I finished reading this book a week back, but I forgot to write a review. I have been following Speaking Tiger Books, a new yet classy publishing house ever since I attended Chetan Raj Shrestha’s book launch for his new book published by them. The paper quality is excellent, as is the cover. They publish fewer commercial titles than other publishers, so this one caught my eye. I happened to read an excerpt of the book on their website, and I liked the language. So I thought of giving it a try, despite it sounding like a chick-lit. I generally don’t prefer the genre but by the looks of it, the language seemed classy enough for me to get lured.

The story is racy, has dollops of romance, and is generally well-written. You kind of go with the flow and want to read more and more. The language is decent throughout, although sometimes it does shine and become literary. But those are few and far in between. But overall its good. However, there is an overuse of parenthesis and exclamation marks (maybe because of the genre, but still I felt so). Many dialogues were way too cheesy for my liking. As far as the writing style is concerned, in the beginning there’s far too much direct telling than showing (especially for the back stories). Well-written showy flashbacks would have been better I suppose. However, once the writers reach Crete, the writing raises its level and becomes beautiful. Showing overshadows the telling, and the emotions of the protagonists were captured in an excellent manner. The descriptions are done wonderfully, using classy prose.

But, despite my dissatisfaction regarding the way the story was told, the plot itself is good and interesting. The author has connected the dots well. The romance and the dilemma in the protagonist’s mind is well portrayed. Sometimes I felt that if the author had stuck only to the protagonist, removed the other two characters (who didn’t add much), and focused on them more, it would have become a much better book.

Also, the ending was too predictable, which spoiled the overall effect. But, despite all my complaints, this book is special, for it gave me that one exceptionally written line which helped me a lot in framing better sentences in my second novel. It really is a source of inspiration, and I must thank the author for that.

This is a book worth reading. Its a quick, light read with good language. Chick lit lovers should lap it up without a second thought. But avid readers might think twice.

3.5 stars from my side.





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