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Book Review – We Will Meet Again by Tarang Sinha

When I got to know about this book, I had a gut feeling that I would eventually end up reading it. The major reason behind it was this—a book reviewer cum editor was the author. This fact sowed the seeds of intrigue in my mind.

So, when I found that a free copy was being offered in Kindle, I swooped in on the opportunity. I began reading. A few pages into the book, and I was getting mixed feelings. The language was much better than I expected, but the story seemed to be running too fast. However, this opinion remained even after finishing the book.

The story is good—a sweet hate to love story—but quite predictable. It is a light read, so the characters and the story structure is simple and not too nuanced. However, the language is wonderful. I could see glimpses of literary writers like Khaled Hosseini and Chitra Banerjee Divakurani in the author’s writing style. Brilliant metaphors pepper the prose throughout the book. Having dipped myself in the pool of literary books in the recent past, finding such poetic language in a self-published commercial book did take me by surprise.

But the speed of narration somewhat infects the spell cast by the language. Sometimes, on a single page, four or five events happen, making it difficult for the reader to settle down. The book is riddled with punctuation and preposition errors, something that kept pushing me into puddles of disappointment. I think the book needed to go through one or two rounds of editing to iron out these deficiencies.

The author, though, like most debut writers, does fall into the trap of excessive telling sometimes. Although she doesn’t do that as much as some other writers I have encountered, I would suggest her to include a little bit more of showing—instead of summarizing events abruptly—in her prose.

The characterization was decent. But the main protagonist was a bit too irritating for my liking. I know it’s always good to create a character with gray shades, but there has to be some endearing trait in the character to allow the reader to root for him/her. I found that missing from the protagonist. Although the back story was well-written, but the scars didn’t seem to be deep enough to justify the present-day behavior of the protagonist. However, other characters were drawn well.

The story is linear and has a good flow. The dialogues are decent. The end, despite being predictable, is satisfying. The language—despite having several minor editing faults—is excellent. If the author polishes her writing skills and chooses a deeper story next time, I’m sure it will be lapped up by a good publisher, get a 5-star review from me and many others, and sell well.

I would like to wish her all the very best. 3.4 stars from my side.




2 thoughts on “Book Review – We Will Meet Again by Tarang Sinha”

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I’m glad you liked my first book (and writing style. That’s really encouraging.)

    Really sorry for the editing errors. Your feedback is helpful. Will keep your suggestions in my mind.

    I wish you all the very best for your next book.

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