The Need for Inspiration

Although it may sound like a cliché, we need a lot of inspiration in this brutal, competitive world of today. The burden of unfair competition and expectations falls on our shoulders from our very childhood. Fighting against that, we grow up and finish our education. Even after that, more challenges are ready to greet us. Searching for a suitable job, finding a life partner, saving your marriage, everything is a challenge. Somewhere in between, failures rear their ugly head. Sometimes they just prick you, allowing you to proceed on your journey. But sometimes, they gain such frightening enormity that they choke the life out of you, sucking all positivity from within you. You feel lost, helpless, and your will to fight disappears like a whisper in the wind.

That is when your soul needs the drink of inspiration, the touch of positivity, the voice of encouragement to help you get up and move on. That is when you need to seek out these sources rather than sitting idle and thus allowing the hopelessness to devour you. You need to talk to your friends and share your pains, let out that frustration from within you. You need to find a source of enjoyment in your life, any passion, any hobby, whatever you like doing, and immerse yourself in it. You need to look for other career options if your current one is not working. You need to try harder to maintain certain relationships, and if they are not working, brace yourself to let go and move on. You need to read or watch inspirational books or movies, go through motivating quotes and try to inject that positivity into your life. You need to understand that millions of people are out there suffering more than you are. Some are blind, deaf, disabled, some are orphans, some don’t have shelter, some are penniless. At least you are better than them in some form; at least you can treat your vision to this beautiful, colourful world; at least you can listen to a plethora of magical sounds; at least you can walk and run; at least you have enough money for a decent life.

So why don’t you buck up and try to make something better out of this precious life that God has given you? Why do you want to end it or destroy it by indulging in alcohol or drugs? Try your best to move on from your personal tragedies, your failures and try to bring your life on a right track. I know it is easy to say encouraging stuff from a third person’s point of view and sometimes it is difficult to gather yourself in dark times.

But you have no other option than to hang on to a thin ray of hope.


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